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Emilio Argüelles founded ARGÜELLES & ASOCIADOS in 1985. From the beginning the Firm was developed as a boutique law firm with a profile noticeably focused on cross-border transactions, that provided legal services to worldwide clients doing business in Argentina and local clients doing business abroad. In a short time the Firm achieved a prominent place among local international law firms and positioned itself as a reference in legal services for the aviation market.
In 2000 Agustin Tiscornia joined the firm as partner, as later done by Jorge A. Pezzuti in 2008. The contribution of their professional expertise and their knowledge of the activity became a key element for the development of a business trajectory that placed ARGÜELLES & ASOCIADOS as the leading firm in Argentina in provision of legal services to the international aviation market.
Since 2019 the Firm changed its name into ARGÜELLES, TISCORNIA & PEZZUTI.
Along these years the Firm has remained true to its essence defined through its personalized attention, its work ethic and its high level of professionalism which match the highest standards followed by the main international law firms. Our client portfolio and the number of foreign legal firms we usually work with testify to the above.
ARGÜELLES, TISCORNIA & PEZZUTI provides a full range of legal services from its office in Buenos Aires, Argentina.
Our practice is diverse, ranging from corporate, commercial and business matter to administrative and general practice and litigation, being a leading firm in aviation law matters.
The Firm is experienced in handling substantial matters for large institutional clients, like corporate negotiations, aviation transactions, and government contracting issues. We are equally committed to providing sound, efficient legal assistance for smaller companies and individuals.
The Firm’s members have a variety of background experiences in various fields of law and business. They speak and practice law in several languages.



Amilcar Emilio ArgüellesFounding Partnerearguelles@arguelaw.com

Agustin TiscorniaPartneratiscornia@arguelaw.com

Jorge Alberto PezzutiPartnerjpezzuti@arguelaw.com

Off Counsels

ARGÜELLES, TISCORNIA & PEZZUTI holds a dinamyc and up-to-date team of off-counsels, formed by professionals with broad trajectories and extensive experience in different areas of law. Their appointment is adjusted in each case in order to adapt to the characteristics of the client and those of the specific matter to be treated, keeping true to our founding philosophy as a boutique law firm.

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